I was inspired by a friend who taught me that it’s okay to feel each emotion and experience that you may acquire. So many times we try not to cry, not to be angry, but what if someone told you that it’s completely normal to feel what you’re feeling?

This blog is for those of you that find it hard to express yourself.. It’s open to all, so please don’t be shy. I’ll take you through all of my experiences and the emotions that came behind them. From  being a bigger woman, loosing my faith, dating, and surviving college.

  If there are any topics that you’d like to discuss, please feel free to do so. Relationships, life, events, etc. , it doesn’t matter what it is please feel free to comment.. Remember you have every right & write to feel how you feel.

Contact Info: TiaCassy18@Gmail.Com        Instagram: TiaCassan       Facebook: Cassan Valentino

Based in Atlanta, Ga

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